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We have been in the news for a number of years in many different areas of the media as well as varoius regions.  Founder and Owner Thomas Hurd has presented renewable energy papers and spoken to thousands in the US and around the world as illustrated below.

New Zealand Petroleum Conference- On March 6, 2006, Thomas Hurd was recognized by the U.S. Ambasador William McCormick for his efforts in wind enerrgy management in remarks to the 2006 New Zealand Petroleum Conference.  Ambasador McCormick identified Hurd's office for producing ninety percent of the business' energy needs, and Mason City, Iowa for approving rules allowing wind turbines in commercial, residential, and industrial areas.

USA Today and Des Moines Register, February 2006- An article in USA Today discussed the wind turbine industry's new national and local developments.  On the front page and inside USA Today, a photo of Thomas Hurd, the founder of Spatial Designs Architects and Twin Turbines Energy was shwon with a backdrop of our wind and solar powered office building.

Other notable presentations (smaller conferences not listed) .....

Windustry National Wind Conference, March 2006-

Denver National ASES Solar Conferecne, July 2006

Cleveland National ASES Solar Conference, July 2007

Academy of Sciences, Alternative Energy System Problems in Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, February, 2009- Presented 'Photovoltaic Panel Treatments'

International Renewable Energy Conference, Cairo, Egypt, May 2010- Presented 'Ultra Low Energy Sustainable Office Building'

Other news events are in the works, please contact us for more information.